Meredith Ann (calidream82) wrote in nu_crusade,
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New LJ?

Anyone wanna start a Agape LJ? Since we're kinda straying from the whole "Crusade" name thing..... I dunno... Anyway, I am clueless about changing the info about this community b/c all the meeting information is wicked outdated! =) Okay, this is a lame post. i have nothing to say. Hope y'all are doing well! *hugs*

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Ha! I'm a genious - haven't looked here in forever (I started the community and am the only one who can control the userinfo)

$15 for a name change, or a new one could be started (and you can manually add people when you start a new one)

Fixed everything (except the name of the community - figured it would be easier that way)

And added you (Mer) as a maintainer. So if you think any other info needs to be fixed, just click on "Manage" and then "Communities" and you should be able to do it up.