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Hey everyone. I moved down to NU on 1/4 and am trying to get settled into a "healthy" environment, if you will. I want to meet people who will both be a good influence on me and who share my love for Jesus Christ. My friend from my church up in NH has been here since fall and she seems to be having a great time because I think she has stayed focused throughout the year. As it is, I would just like to obtain information about the Campus Crusade meetings, and, Lord willing, it won't conflict with my work schedule. Your replies would be greatly appreciated.
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New LJ?

Anyone wanna start a Agape LJ? Since we're kinda straying from the whole "Crusade" name thing..... I dunno... Anyway, I am clueless about changing the info about this community b/c all the meeting information is wicked outdated! =) Okay, this is a lame post. i have nothing to say. Hope y'all are doing well! *hugs*

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Studio Apartment Available for sublet for 6 months

Hello All,

I have an spacious studio apartment here in Boston that I need to sublet to someone. It will be available Jan 1- June 20th. The rent is $1050 a month and has a seperate kitchen and bathroom. It is on Tetlow Street, which is right behind Boston Latin School, Simmons, Mass Art Institute, and Wentworth. It is right off of the Longwood Medical Stop on the E line and is a 5 minute walk to Northeastern. If you have any further questions please send me an email at with the word Apartment in the subject line.

prayer req.

Hey all, just found out that one of my Computer Science friends lost his father last night to lung cancer. I'm not really sure of his religious preference, but he's very moralistic, and seems to have alot of christian views. haven't had the opportunity to have a spiritual talk with him yet, but I told him that I'd be praying for him and his family. Please lift up my friend (think his name is brian, i have trouble remembering people's names sometimes), and pray for his family in this time of strife. Thanks.

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Prayer req.

Hey guys, quick prayer request. if you could just throw up our friend meghan burns in your prayer, she got accepted to the yellowstone summer project, but is really stuck on deciding whether or not to go, due to other options. just pray for discernment in thi smatter and that God would speak to her and let her know where to go.

Random Things

Rodd I was wondering if you could burn me a CD of different kinds of Christian music that YOU listen to. There is a guy here with the same taste and I want to give it to him. I have a feeling that God will work through this and start to soften his heart. :o)
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I would like to nominate that 108 Hemenway St., apt 7, be hereforth known as "108.7", instead of simply "108", thereby reflecting the full address space better, and also reflecting the geeky nature of its occupants. I think this will be especially helpful to those trying to get here for the first time, since out building has 21 or so apartments in it.

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