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I would like to nominate that 108 Hemenway St., apt 7, be hereforth known as "108.7", instead of simply "108", thereby reflecting the full address space better, and also reflecting the geeky nature of its occupants. I think this will be especially helpful to those trying to get here for the first time, since out building has 21 or so apartments in it.

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wouldnt 108v.2 be equally as accurate for the incontained geeks?

not really ... while significant, the replacement of one fourth of the original crew would not constitute a major revision number ... some argument may be had as to what would constitute a major revision, whether it be the replacement of all of the original members, or some large fraction thereof (notably, half), or a change in persons equalling the total or a large fraction (again, probably half) of any occupants at any time ...

i would argue that the version number be weighted to the impact on occupancy a given transition of occupants has in relation to previous transitions and the classifications of the occupants themselves ...
my argument is then that the Berg->Damon transition warrants at least a .5, given berg's status as an original occupant and his time living there (1.75 yrs) ... thus making the apt v1.5 ... this fall's transition of Me->Eric would, in my estimation, warrant a v2.0 moniker since half of the occupants would no longer be originals, and damons residence of, by then, three months (0.25 yrs) will have yet to weight him enough in the equation to lower the value of the transition ... additionally, the relative closeness of the previous major transition would raise this version number ... therefore the transition would still be worth about .5, giving (by using a single-fixed-point arithmetic) version 2.0, which coincides with above statements that the loss of half of the long-term members of the apartment should constitute a major revision number...

that said, i was *not* proposing a versioning system above ... mearly saying that i feel the name "108" does not uniquely enough identify the apartment in the given namespace ... my suggestion of "108.7" clarifies this in a concise manner, denoting not only building number but apartment number, which was less an issue with 772 columbus ave, apt 4 (the old "crusade guys" place), as there were only 5 apartments in the building, as opposed to the 21 within 108 hemenway ... it's also cooler to have a non-integral address
*Stares blankly at Zero-nine as he seemingly talks forever.*
*Begins to think about monkeys in little hats instead.*

one oh eight point seven vee one point five