Tyler Durden (myrrdin) wrote in nu_crusade,
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Prayer Request

One of my old friends from back home has gone back to drugs. He is doing speed, acid, and weed at the same time and drinking large amounts of liqour. I am really worried that he is going to go back to this on a regular basis and after talking to him for the better part of two hrs all I have gotten him to tell me is that he will try to stay away from the drugs and go see his girlfriend in cleveland. It makes me so saddened to see such talnet and a life go to such waste. I ask that all who read this keep him in your thoughts that he doesnt go back especially over the next couple days. He needs all the help and positive energy he can get.
Thank you all.

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that sucks... hopefully he'll make it out having learned something though. hopefully he won't have to hit rock bottom to figure it out..

he'll be in my prayers..

What makes it more sad is that he has hit bottom before. He came up from a very rough house. The saying was that he was to stupid to know pain. and in many ways he is. All that was keeping him away from it before was rowing and now he hates rowing.